Akshay Santhosh Pillai

Developer | Strategist


I’m Akshay, an engineer who loves to talk about technology, Lean startups, Economics & SaaS. I'm currently working at the InApp team as Full-Stack Developer and have worked earlier with companies and startups including  InfinityLab, Exsigt future, and more.

I love working at the cross-section of Product development, Growth and Marketing. I’ve collaborated with tech and marketing teams from all around the world to help and identify problems to solve for their platforms.

"Scalable technological products make life in this chaotic world more predictable. I am in love with building products for me, This can be hardware, saas or even a market place. "

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Fullstack  Lean startup  Product design  Strategy 

I am looking for

I'm looking for software engineering, technical product management, and Analytics and ML related roles anywhere in the world. Shoot me a line if you're interested!

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